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✓   True Plug & Play

✓   No Screen Borders

✓   Quick Calibration

✓   Superior Quality & Smart Design


We have developed the AE Lightgun for use with retro gaming systems, windows and or rasPI gaming systems.

If you’re a serious gamer, a causal gamer or a modder this is the perfect product for you!

This is the only true plug & play, easy to use Lightgun on the market, and yes, its ready to pre-order!

Our development team has integrated smart chip technology within the AE Lightgun to enable ease of use for the gamer and the environmental surrounding, to ensure nothing affects gameplay, user experience & fun!

In essence we produced an easy-to-use Direct Line of Sight Lightgun that works on a LCD display and is easy to setup.

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The AE Lightgun uses an extremely high quality; very precise perspective enabled positioning camera system with some smart coding that triangulates the lightguns position to ensure true Direct Line of Sight Accuracy astonishingly fast and hassle free.

This means that once calibrated “on the-fly” it has a latency of 7-9 milliseconds. No lag, no loss of accuracy with or without a on sight crosshair! This gun is simple to use & really fun.

The integrated console buttons on the side and rear of the gun enable live adjustments of settings whilst playing. One of our aims was to make the gun multifunctional and modder friendly.


We are all passionate about gaming so we have added more accessories for your gun! The AE Lightgun is produced with customisation in mind

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AEL Backgound image 3.jpg

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